On the 19th September, 2012, PEN reached 90 years since its founding, 90 years working towards its foundational objectives. In spite of the difficulties, PEN Català is propelling itself towards the future in order to continue its work promoting cultural diplomacy around the globe and to continue as a reference point for international writers and writers of the country, with clearly defined objectives and programmes that involve all the collective. For this reason, PEN Català still faces a challenge for the future; to extend its work and to work side by side with editors, journalists and scriptwriters, in order to start adapting itself to the new challenges the world of writing is facing.

PEN Català’s 90th anniversary arrives with an institutional recognition that encourages the organisation to continue to work for its objectives. Even though PEN Català has received the Saint Georges’ Cross from the Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan Government), its continued and essential work in both the Catalan territories and on the international scene, has only been recognised as of late.

In 2010, PEN Català was awarded for its international trajectory of the organisation and for its international projection of Catalonia. In addition to this prize, awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia, a year later and coinciding with the 27th anniversary of the institution, the organisation was also awarded the International UNESCO Prize as a way of recognising the work PEN Català has done in the promotion of freedom of speech and the projection of the Catalan language and its culture.