The following years demonstrate a moving story about solidarity in regards to PEN International, which researchers will be able to find in Riba’s epistle and in Marià Manent’s testimony. In El vel de Maia (Maia’s Veil), in a note from the 24th December, 1938, Marià Manent states: “Grandfather will arrive at nightfall. Take the rest of Langdon-Davies’ package, as well as one from Millàs and the other two from Superviell and Pérez Alfonseca. They tell me that Farigola has also brought me a gift package from the PEN Club that I definitely didn’t expect. The table, what a sight! After such depravation, so much abundance gives you a strange sense of joy. The thought of so many people that suffer and live in depravation and suffering, however, leaves one in dismay”.