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Catalan PEN Translation Prize

In 2016, the first PEN Català Translation Prize was organized in order to recognise the best Catalan literary translation published during the previous year as well as to distinguish and dignify the translator and their work to create bridges between cultures.

This prize is created to give visibility to those translators that follow the standards of Visat, the PEN Català’s digital magazine, that, since 2005 has consolidated itself as a magazine of reference in the field of literary translation.

The PEN Català Award will work with following criteria:

  1. All literary works translated from any language to Catalan that have been published with a 2016 ISBN can opt for the 2017 Catalan PEN Award.
  2. The Award’s Jury will be composed of 5 translators designated by the PEN Català.
    2017: Joaquim Mallafrè, Susanna Rafart, Izaskun Arretxe, Ramon Farrés and Ricard Ripoll.
  3. The Jury will value the following elements:
    A. The quality of the translation
    B. The importance of the author or of the translated work and the absence of their work in Catalan.
    C. The originality of the proposal
    D. The impact of the translation within the literary ecosystem of the country
  4. The verdict of the Award will be made public during the celebration ceremonies of the International Translation Day (30th September 2017).
  5. The Award consists of a well-known artists’ work, owned by the PEN Català.
  6. The Jury will have the authority to resolve any issues which are not included in the criteria above.