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Rhodah Mashavave

City of origin: Zimbabwe

Ciutat of refuge: Palma

Duration of period in refuge: 2009-2011

Rhoda Mashavave was the first writer to stay in Palma in the “Writers In Refuge” programme. Mashavave is a young journalist, aged 30, who writes In Shona.  In her country of origin, she has worked for the independent press (The Daily Newspaper, The Daily News, The Financial Gazette) and continued to do so in spite of being forced to flee Zimbabwe in 2005 due to violations of her human rights and the repression to which she had been subjected. She had been the Press and Public Relations Spokesperson for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Her non-violent support for this movement brought her persecution and imprisonment in 2002 and, again, in 2003.  Her work was highlighted by WiPSU (Women in Politics Support Unit). Whilst in exile, she has continued her studies and professional career.  Committed to research on female immigrants and the situation of journalists in Zimbabwe, the themes which interest her above all are those which are related to social issues, almost always related to women.  Before being welcomed to Palma, Rhoda Mashavave lived in the German city of Darmstadt (2005 – 2007), through a scholarship offered by the city, and in the Italian city of Grosseto (2007 – 2009), also within ICORN’s Cities of Refuge programme.

Between 2009 and 2011, Rhoda Mashavave lived and wrote in Palma, where she continued with her journalistic work, on digital media from her country of origin and in Majorca’s local press, such as the Majorca Daily Bulletin.