PEN Català, in collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull and Serveis editorials Èter, has closed the call for applications for the literary residency for 6 young Catalan and Palestinian playwrights who wish to participate in a literary residency in Catalonia.

A total of fifteen applications were received, of which six were selected. The jury unanimously decided that the beneficiaries of the PEN Català/Faber Llull Residence in Olot for Catalan and Palestinian playwrights are:

Catalan playwrights:
Catalina Florit
Ramon Micó Vallvé
Clàudia Serra

Palestinian playwrights:
Dia Barghouti
Rama Haydar
Ghassan Naddaf

The jury that made the final decision was aware that it had to reject the very interesting applications that, without a doubt, would have been included if more places had been available. Moreover, the high level of most of the applicants is a testimony of the enormous talent among young European writers. We want to encourage you to continue writing, despite all the obstacles, and we take this opportunity to wish you a successful literary career!

The jury is formed by Mohamad Bitari (Serveis editorials Èter), Davide Carnevale (Playwright), Claudia Cedó (Playwright), Amer Hlehel (Playwright) and Gemma Rodríguez (PEN Català) and Joan de Sola (Institut Ramon Llull).