The young french editors explain how they created their business in school and how they established it asa a model of success, withiin the framework of the european project Engage!

The young students of the Viladomat secondary school in Barcelona have gotten to know first-hand the youngest French publishing house, Turfu les Éditions, a project which emerged with unexpected success in a Poitiers secondary school (Lycée Pilote Innovant International).

Corentin Gautrault and Arthur Besnard were the young representatives of the publisher who met with the students of Viladomat. Their presentation and question and answer session took place in English, and the French students explained how the publishing house was created, how they select writers and projects, and how, although the publishing house was started at the school, it is now an established association.

They also explained how the name of the publishing house comes from the word “future” in reverse, because “as a publisher we draw on the wealth of tradition, but also innovate with new technologies”. Turfu is not opposed to publishing in languages other than French, and thus will soon receive the original work of two girls from the high school who have promised to submit for publication.

The Turfu les Éditions project is one of 50 case studies analysed in the framework of the European project Engage! Young Producers, headed by Pen Català, and which compiles for the first time cases of best practices with teen/youth audiences in the literary field in Europe.

You can find information on Turfu les Éditions here.