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Koulsy Lamko

African writer

Born in Dadouar, Chad, Koulsy Lamko has a Doctorate in Literature from the Univerty of Limoges (France) and a Master’s degree in Modern Languages from the University of Ouagadogou (Burkina Faso).  Civil war led Lamko to leave his country in 1979 for Burkina Faso.  He dedicated himself to the promotion of community theatre in Burkina Faso, through the Theatre of the Community, and was involved in the founding of the International Festival of Theatre for Development.  He moved to Rwanda, where he founded the University’s Centre for the Arts and Theatre, and taught drama and creative writing.  His experience in Rwanda led him to write his novel ‘La phalène des collines’ (The Butterfly of the Hills) about the 1994 genocide.

In 2003 he arrived in Mexico as a guest of the Citlaltépetl Refuge House and since 2009 Mexico City’s federal government, bolstered by Lamko, opened the refuge house for African journalists and writers.  He has been a teacher in a number of Universities: Iberoamerican University of Mexico, Autonomous University of Hidalgo State and the Autonomous University of Mexico.  He has lived in different countries around the world promoting theatre and a better understanding of Africa from a humanitarian and literary viewpoint.