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Veu Lliure Prize

In 2010, PEN Català introduced the Veu Lliure Prize (Free Voice Prize), awarded to an author who has suffered imprisonment or persecution because of their writing. The award is presented annually, around 15th November, during the PEN commemoration week in the Balearic Islands, commemorating the Day of the Imprisoned Writer.


Normando Hernández González

Cuban writer and journalist

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Salem Zenia

Journalist and writer in Tamazight

For his dedication to Tamazight language and culture and commitment to the Berber cause.

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Koulsy Lamko

African writer

He has promoted theatre and a better understanding of Africa from a humanitarian and literary point of view.

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Easterine Kire


Born in Nagaland and exiled in Norway since 2005 for the harassment and violence suffered in her country as a result of her writing.

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Balearic Islands Teachers


For their perseverance against the Balearic Government through the actions of the Assemblea dels Docents (Teachers Assembly).

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Dessale Berekhet

Eritrean writer

For his tireless defence of freedom and human rights, and his fight against injustice and the widespread lack of democracy in his country.

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Ahmad Jalali Farahani

Iranian journalist, scriptwriter and director

The award-winner garnered attention for his courage in denouncing the censorship and persecution of journalists in Iran with his documentary “We Are Journalists”.

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Zeynep Oral

Turkish writer and activist

For her bravery, her firm commitment to the defence of human rights and freedom of expression , and for the quality of her body of literature.

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Tienchi Martin-Liao

Translator, editor and activist

She has dedicated her life to the defence of human rights and freedom of expression in her country.

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Ramón Esono Ebalé

Cartoonist and activist

For his fight for freedom of expression in Guinea.

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Ali Lmrabet

Journalist and writer

For his tireless fight for freedom of expression in Morocco

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Behrouz Boochani

Writer and journalist

For his defense of human rights and of the Kurdish language and culture

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Mireille Gansel

Translator and writer

For her commitment to the defense of freedom of expression through translation work.

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Victoria Lomasko

Graphic artist and writer

For her determination to show through his artistic production "other Russias" dissenting from the current governmental discourse.

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