The sequence of events which we will see unfold here is, for PEN International, a moving story of solidarity, which researchers will be able to find in Riba’s epistle and in Marià Manent’s testimony. In El vel de Maia (Maia’s Veil), in a note from 24th December 1938, Marià Manent states: “Grandfather will arrive at nightfall.  He is bringing the rest of Langdon-Davies’ package, as well as one from Millàs, and one each from Supervielle and Pérez Alfonseca. They tell me that Figuerola has also sent a package of food from the PEN Club, which I definitely didn’t expect. The table, what a sight! After such depravation, so much abundance gives you a strange sense of joy. The thought of so many people that suffer and live in depravation and suffering, however, leaves one in dismay”.