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Normando Hernández González

Cuban writer and journalist

Normando Hernández González, born in Camagüey in 1969, is a Cuban writer and freelance journalist. He founded and was Director of the Association of Independent Journalists of Camagüey and has collaborated on the independent digital media service Cubanet.

In 2003 he was detained, along with 72 other journalists, writers and librarians, in a wave of repressive actions by the Cuban regime known as the Black Spring.  He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, accused of “endangering state independence and the territorial integrity of its articles”.  During the first few months of his detention, Hernández was kept in solitary confinement, during which he was permitted only four hours of sunlight per week and had extremely limited communication with the outside world.  Due to the unsafe conditions inside Cuban prisons, Hernández was seriously ill and suffered from tuberculosis in 2007 and heart problems in 2009.

Thanks to pressure from the international community and negotiations between the Cuban government, the Catholic church and the Spanish Government’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Hernández was freed in July 2010 and travelled to Madrid with his family.  He currently lives in Miami.